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Bryant Heat Pump

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Heat Pumps: Where the Comox Valley Finds Comfort

Unless something goes wrong, heat pumps are usually the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. But, if something does go wrong, Vent-Air Heating & Refrigeration will be there to fix it. We offer heat pump installations, repairs, and services for the Comox Valley homes. We’re also available to service rooftop heat pump units on commercial buildings, shops, and restaurants, as well as ductless heat pumps .


What is a “Heat Pump?”

The term “heat pump” is somewhat of a misnomer; it doesn’t just heat buildings, it cools them during warmer seasons, too. They may look exactly like many air conditioners, but can actually reverse their operation to heat your home during the winter. Pretty cool, right?


Rheem® Heat Pumps: The New Degree of Comfort™

Rheem®  heat pumps are designed to be of the highest quality providing comfort and reliability. Rheem’s® top quality products use the latest technologies to provide the best efficiency which saves you money. Rheem® has great warranties, excellent service and support. Vent Air is proud to service and sell Rheem® products.


When combined with a gas or electric furnace , a heat pump can provide considerable savings on your heating costs.


To learn more about heat pumps, or to schedule an installation, service, or repair, contact Vent-Air Heating & Refrigeration today!

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