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HRV Systems
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HRV Systems in Courtney

If you are designing a new or remodelled energy-efficient home, HRV solutions from Vent Air Heating and Airconditioning should be your first choice! The units we install are designed to exchange the stale, moist air from within your home or building for fresh air from outside while recovering the heat.

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What’s the Problem?


Modern homes are built with air-tight technologies that lower heating and cooling energy use but require fresh air access. At Vent Air Heating and Refrigeration we design heat recovery ventilation solutions to maintain high efficiency while maximizing the breathability of your home or business. This ensures healthy fresh air while maintaining heating efficiencies to avoid problems such as mould and mildew

What Is a Heat Recovery Ventilation System?


HRVs consist of two ventilation ducts that run next to each other passing between the inside and outside of the house. One duct carries cool, fresh air in whereas the other carries moist, stale air out. The airstreams run through the heat exchanger, a device that allows the outgoing air to pass most of its heat to the incoming air without actually mixing the two airstreams together. The system also has a fan (blower) in each duct that can be turned up or down either manually or automatically depending on the temperature and humidity levels.

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How Does It Work?


Our bodies are a bit like our homes. As a child, all of us have learned that it’s always better to breathe through our nose than through the mouth because our nose warms and filters incoming air. What the nose actually does is called heat exchange (technically, regeneration): outgoing air warms the nasal passage as it leaves; cool incoming air picks up some of that same heat energy on its way into the lungs. As a result, the air we breathe in is warmer than it would otherwise be, while the air we breathe out is cooler and (among other things) helps our body retain heat energy

Advantages of HRV Systems


HRV systems give you a warm, well-ventilated home by bringing fresh air in without letting the heat escape. Take a look at some of the other benefits below:

They save your heating bills in winter and reduce the need for air conditioning during summer

Maintain the climate inside your home at a constant level

Retain about two-thirds to three-quarters of heat that would have been lost through ventilation

They keep excess moisture out of your home

Contact us to learn more about our installation, repair, and maintenance services.

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